About this site


The purpose with this homesite is to spread the knowledge and stimulate the interest for William Heinesen and his work. It is the hope that the site can be of inspiration and help to both the normal reader and to students and researchers.

The site is an electronic bibliography with the possibility to select and sort after various criteria in works and articles by and about William Heinesen.

The registrations are especially based on : Mia Thorkenholdt og Lars Øhlenschläger - William Heinesen- en bibliografi, 1984 (supplemented with Aage Jørgensens comments in his review of the bibliography in Bogens Verden, 1985) and on the  bibliography in Tårnet midt i Verden , 1994 redigeret af Vár i Ólavsstovu og Jan Kløvstad and on Aage Jørgensen - William Heinesen - et supplement til hans bibliografi, Fróðskaparrit, L p 57-62, 2002.

Furthermore references have been found in the database bibliotek.dk, which contains records of all items published in Denmark as well as all items found in the Danish public & research libraries. Also the databases of The Danish Literaturecenter and Danish Literature Bibliography (see the linksite) have been scanned. Fianlly the references I have come across in reading dissertations, books and articles about Heinesen.

A bibliography will never become perfect. Hovewer, in the nature of the case, it will be more complete than the previous works which it has incorporated together with other sources. Any comment or missing reference will be welcome to make the bibliography still more complete.

It is the hope, that the possibility to select and sort will make the bibliography easy to use, so it can function as a practical tool in connection with sudies of William Heinesen and his Work.